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Library of noise profiles

This section of the webpage is a library of device noise profiles. These profiles were built by the users of Neat Image who generously decided to share them with the community. Please use the profiles freely.


Digital camera profiles


Canon :: Casio :: Contax :: Epson :: Fujifilm :: HP :: Kodak :: Kyocera :: Leica :: Konika-Minolta :: Mamiya :: Nikon :: Olympus :: Panasonic :: Pentax :: Ricoh :: Samsung :: Sanyo :: Sigma :: Sony :: Toshiba

Other brands


Scanner profiles


Acer :: Canon :: Epson :: HP :: Konica Minolta :: Mustek :: Nikon :: Plustek :: Reflecta :: Visioneer


Device noise profiles for your camera or scanner..


If your camera or scanner is not listed in the library, you can easily build noise profiles yourself using the Calibration Target. Please follow the guidelines of "Building device noise profiles" section of the user guide to build noise profiles.

Also, please feel free to send us your sets of profiles. If (1) your profile set is for a camera or scanner that is not yet listed in the library or it is an improved (e.g., more complete or higher-quality) version of an already published profile set and (2) the profile set has been built, structured and documented according to the recommendations of the user guide then it is very much likely that we will publish the set in the profile library and you will receive a free license for one of the versions of Neat Image as a reward for your efforts.


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