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Payment methods

  • You can use any major credit card to purchase a license for Neat Image plug-in for Aperture (Mac).

    Neat Image accepted credit cardsOur payment processor (SWREG) also accepts payments via PayPal, European EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer), wire transfer, credit card by phone/fax, US check, UK cheque, etc.

    We recommend to use a credit card; this method being the least expensive ensures the shortest order processing time too. Using checks, wire, PayPal is likely to involve a few days delay.

Product editions

  • Home and Pro editions of Neat Image v7 plug-in for Aperture (Mac) are available:

    Neat Image v7 plug-in for Aperture (Mac)


    Features (details) Home plug-inPro plug-in



    Support for 8-bit images




    Support for 16-bit images



    Batch processing
    up to 100 images
    in one batch

License types

  • There are single-user and multiple-user licenses
    A single-user license allows you to use the software, for example, on your desktop and laptop but does not allow to run it on both computers simultaneously. A multiple-user license allows to run the software on more than one computer simultaneously.

  • Neat Image license agreement

Placing order

  • Please select the desired license type and click the corresponding purchase link in the table below.
    You will find all the necessary contact details when filling the order form. For example, if you select to pay with a credit card by phone then SWREG will provide the phone numbers in the form.

    Neat Image v7 plug-in for Aperture (Mac)


    License type Home plug-inPro plug-in



    Single-user license
    (to pay in US$ or another currency)

    $ 39.90
    $ 69.90



    Single-user license
    (to pay in Euros)

    € 33.90
    € 58.90




    In bundle with Neat Image standalone
    or with Neat Image plug-in for Photoshop

    $ 49.90
    € 42.50


    $ 99.90
    € 84.90



    Licenses for two or more users 

    The prices above are specified in the US dollars and Euros.
    You can select an alternative currency (like Canadian dollars) once you start placing an order.


    A note for residents of the following states in the US: CO, GA, IA, MN, IL, NE, UT:

    • The above prices do not include the corresponding state sales tax(es)
    • SWREG will additionally collect the corresponding state sales tax(es)


    A note for residents of the European Union:

    • The above prices do not include the VAT tax
    • SWREG will additionally collect the VAT tax at the VAT rate of your home country
    • The EU business customers with valid VAT registration do not need to pay the VAT tax


    Registered users of other or older versions of Neat Image (for example, Neat Image plug-in for Photoshop) can receive a discount for Neat Image plug-in for Aperture. You may find special offers in the download area of your current version of Neat Image, or just contact us for more information.


    Full-time students and teachers who study or teach photography and related subjects can receive a special discount.
    Contact us for more details (please have the supporting documents ready).

Order processing and delivery

  • Your order constitutes an offer to purchase a product from us. Orders are subject to our acceptance. We reserve the right to review, screen and accept or not accept any order for any reason (including security concerns, incomplete, misleading or fraudulent information, etc.) at our sole discretion.

  • Once an order is accepted and successfully processed, we send you an e-mail with your license and download instruction.

    Please make sure that you specify a valid e-mail address in the order form. Please disable spam protection and make sure that you can receive e-mails, that the e-mail box is not over quota, that an e-mail from will not be trashed or blocked by your e-mail client, anti-spam filter (some e-mail filters can be too agressive), ISP, or e-mail service you use.

    The e-mail with the registration instructions will arrive to your e-mail box within the same or following business day (usually it is less than one day). If you do not receive that e-mail within the next 24 hours, this is most likely an e-mail delivery problem. Please contact Support and we will help. You may want to advise us an alternative e-mail address to contact you if the e-mail address specified in the order is not working. We always promptly reply to all e-mail messages we receive. If e-mail fails after all, please contact us using the online form or the Contacts branch in the Neat Image community forum.

  • Neat Image is supplied via direct download from this website

    Once you have received the download instruction and license, you can immediately download the product from the website.


By purchasing a license and becoming a registered user you will:

  • Support further development of the product
  • Get access to all functions of Neat Image that are disabled in the Demo plug-in (see feature map)
  • Be able to use Neat Image for commercial and other purposes
  • Receive free updates (minor modifications with the same major version number, for example, updates from v7.x to any newer v7.y)
  • Enjoy reduced upgrade prices for new major versions of Neat Image plug-in for Aperture or get a free upgrade
  • Receive the primary attention of Neat Image support
  • Receive the primary attention of Neat Image developers (tell us which features you would like to see in new versions)


A message from Neat Image team

By becoming a registered user you are helping us further develop and improve this software.

Become a registered user and we will make Neat Image better for YOU!


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