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History of changes


This page is for the older version 6 of Neat Image 32-bit (Win).
Newer versions are currently available (upgrade options).


[+] New feature
[*] Changes/improvements
[-] Fixed bug/error

Neat Image v6.1 32-bit (Win)

* Improved compatibility with Windows 7

+ Plug-in: added support for Photoshop Elements 8.0
+ Plug-in: added support for Serif PhotoPlus X3

* Improved metadata (EXIF) compatibility with the latest Nikon cameras: D3S, D3X, D300S, D3000, D5000, etc.
* Additional optimizations of use of system resources by Neat Image

- Crashes with some images in Microsoft Digital Image Suite 2006, fixed
- Several minor bugs and incompatibilities are fixed


Neat Image v6.0 32-bit (Win)

* Neat Image now can build noise profile using smaller image areas;
this is useful when the input image contains only small featureless areas
* Increased profiling speed (Auto Profile and Auto Fine-Tune)
* Increased filtration speed (several speed optimizations in the noise filter)

* Improved Neat Image plug-in's controls used to adjust the startup behaviour, settings of the plug-in in Photoshop actions and in smart filters:

The Actions menu is now used to adjust the plug-in behaviour in an action being recorded or in a smart filter being configured.
Also, the same Actions menu is used to configure the default startup behaviour of the plug-in. The old method of using the Defaults in Options is now completely replaced with the Action menu in plug-in. Please see the user guide for more details.

+ Plug-in: added support for Adobe Photoshop CS4 (32-bit)
+ Plug-in: added support for Adobe Photoshop Elements 7.0
* Plug-in: improved installer compatibility with localized versions of Photoshop

* Plug-in: improved behavior of the plug-in in smart filters in Photoshop CS4 and CS3
* Plug-in: improved recording of noise profiles and presets in Photoshop actions
* Plug-in: modified error reporting for smoother Photoshop-based batching

* Improved metadata compatibility with Nikon D90, D300, D700, D3, D60, and several more new Nikon cameras
* Improved metadata compatibility with older Nikon DSLR cameras
* Improved metadata compatibility with Nikon D1X with new firmware

* An image sent to Neat Image standalone via "Send To", "Open With" or drag-n-drop to Neat Image icon will now open either in Filtration Queue or Filtration Job Editor depending on the "Auto create new job on startup" setting in Neat Image options

* Improved functionality of "Save Output As" for multiple output images being saved in Filtration Queue (both automatic and manual saving of individual images is now available)

* Cosmetic improvements in the Batch Profiler, Profile Converter, Profile Viewer

* Improved compatibility with some invalid TIFFs saved by Capture 1
* Improved support of some compressed TIFFs

* Improved compatibility with Windows Vista

- Several other bug fixes and corrections


Neat Image v5.9 32-bit (Win)

+ Plug-in: added support for CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X4 / Corel PHOTO-PAINT X4
+ Plug-in: added support for Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X2

* Improved stability of the plug-in in Paint Shop Pro 9 and higher

* Improved compatibility with several new Samsung digital cameras

* Several corrections in error messages produced by Neat Image

- In some cases, Auto Profile could fire after a noise profile was manually loaded or matched, leading to potentially incorrect filtration, fixed

- In some cases, Apply did not work correctly after failed Auto Profile, fixed


Neat Image v5.85 32-bit (Win)

* Improved control dialogs and error messages in batching operations in standalone Neat Image
* Cosmetic corrections in the Filtration Queue, Filtration Job Editor

* Improved installer of standalone application and plug-in

* Corrected handling of thumbnails in TIFFs to improve compatibility with Picture Window Pro
* Improved compatibility with some invalid TIFFs saved by Capture 1
* Improved compatibility with some invalid JPEGs saved by RawTherapee

- An image filtration job did not start when an image was sent to the open Filtration Queue window via the Send To menu in Windows, fixed

- A bug in profiling some TIFFs produced by new Nikon cameras, fixed
- A bug in EXIF metadata processing (in TIFF and JPEG files), fixed

- A minor bug in the batching process in Filtration Queue window, fixed
- A minor bug in the Preview function of Filtration Job Editor, fixed


Neat Image v5.8 32-bit (Win)

+ Plug-in: added support for the release version of Adobe Photoshop CS3
+ Plug-in: added support for smart filters in Adobe Photoshop CS3

+ Plug-in: added support for CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X3
+ Plug-in: added support for CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 12

+ Added support for Nikon D40/D40X and several more new Nikon cameras

* Improved support for images produced by Nikon D1H with firmware version 1.10

* Added an extra check for multi-layer Adobe TIFFs
* Improved handling of TIFFs with alpha channel

* Improved accuracy of profile matching

* Improved accuracy of masking in Photoshop plug-in

* Improved compatility of Neat Image's online help with Windows Vista

- Incorrect display of ISO rates in Preset Matching Rule list, fixed


Neat Image v5.7 32-bit (Win)

+ Plug-in: added support for Adobe Photoshop CS3 beta
+ Plug-in: added support for Ulead PhotoImpact 12
+ Plug-in: added support for Serif PhotoPlus 11

- Incorrect detection of some ISO values in Pentax K10D images, fixed

- Preview of certain image areas with specific filter settings caused a crash, fixed

- A minor bug in the progress bar made GUI freeze in some rare cases, fixed

- Command line: using the /sl key caused loss of metadata in output images, fixed

- Using some Canon profiles built with earlier versions of Neat Image could produce crashes, fixed


Neat Image v5.6 32-bit (Win)

+ Plug-in: added support for Adobe Photoshop Elements 5.0
+ Plug-in: added support for Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo XI
+ Plug-in: added support for Microsoft Digital Image Suite 2006

+ Added support for Nikon D80, D2Hs, D2Xs and several other Nikon cameras

* Improved support for Canon cameras (more accurate reading of ISO values in Auto mode)

* Auto Profile now selects better areas for noise analysis producing higher-quality profiles

* Improvements in Filtration Job Editor's image viewer


Neat Image v5.5 32-bit (Win)

* Plug-in: improved support for large images in Photoshop CS/CS2

* Support for Windows large memory configuration (/3GB switch)

* Improved support for Canon cameras

- Some Canon S3 IS images produced an error message when opened in Neat Image, fixed
- Some TIFF files saved by Autodesk Maya could not be opened in Neat Image, fixed

- Plug-in: cosmetic corrections in Options


Neat Image v5.4 32-bit (Win)

* Improved support for Pentax cameras

* Plug-in: improved behaviour in cases when plug-in host or OS cannot provide enough memory to the plug-in

* Plug-in now returns specific codes in case of errors (to facilitate use of the plug-in in Photoshop scripts)

* More accurate processing of command line parameters

* Several cosmetic corrections in GUI

- TIFF saved by RadCor could not be opened in Neat Image, fixed


Neat Image v5.3 32-bit (Win)

* Improved support for Nikon D200

* Modified default filter settings and filter presets (default noise levels in Cr and Cb are set to +0%)

* It is now possible to temporarily change viewer zoom to fit the image to window by holding Alt+Shift; this can be used to quickly select an area in the image for analysis or preview

- Component viewer did not always show correct channel names with the RGB working color space, fixed

- In image filtration jobs created in Batch, the output file names were assigned incorrectly if "Do not auto save output images" option was used, fixed


Neat Image v5.25 32-bit (Win)

* Neat Image could not always read TIFFs written by Picture It!, improved

* Several cosmetic corrections in GUI

- Status 'done' of a completed job changed back to 'on hold' if Filtration Job Editor was opened and then closed for this job, fixed

- Sorting filtration jobs by image file name did not work in the Filtration Queue, fixed

- Folder-based preset matching did not always work correctly, fixed

- In some cases, Neat Image could not save output images as JPEGs if (corrupted) input TIFFs were saved by Dimage Master Lite, fixed


Neat Image v5.2 32-bit (Win)

+ Full support for dual-core and multi-core processors in Filtration Job Editor and Photoshop plug-in: Neat Image is now able to utilize all available processors when processing each image in standalone application and in plug-in

+ Plug-in installer: added support for Photoshop Elements 4.0
+ Plug-in installer: added support for Paint Shop Pro X

* Re-grouped options related to output images
* A warning about small image area is now also controlled by the corresponding setting in Neat Image options

* Neat Image produced an error message when opening some images with the EXIF data corrupted by resaving in Picasa, fixed

* Several general efficiency improvements and cosmetic changes

- Neat Image did not start processing an image sent from another application via "Open With..." command, fixed; now it does automatically start processing when possible
- Default profile/preset were not loaded using the command line interface, fixed
- Neat Image Home and Home+ edition did not open 16-bit images when they should, fixed


Neat Image v5.1 32-bit (Win)

+ ISO rate can now be read from Casio makernotes
+ An option for advanced users to disable warnings about clipping and non-uniformity in image areas used for noise analysis

* Improved decoding for broken EXIF in certain images saved by IrfanView

- Minor bug in profile matching code related to Nikon cameras, fixed
- Neat Image asked to re-register when running under Windows user accounts with restricted access rights, fixed
- Plug-in: a bug caused an error message about lack of free memory, fixed
- Plug-in: a bug made the plug-in not apply auto fine-tuning during auto profiling when run in a Photoshop action, fixed


Neat Image v5.0 32-bit (Win)

+ Improved noise profiling and noise reduction algorithms resulting in higher quality of noise reduction:

  • better automatic selection of featureless image areas for noise analysis
  • visual feedback on the quality of image areas used for noise analysis
  • more accurate noise analysis algorithm
  • profile quality indicators to control the quality of noise analysis
  • better handling of strong noise and JPEG artifacts by the noise filter

+ Significantly improved implementation of all image processing algorithms:

  • 2.0-2.5 times faster processing as compared with v4.0

+ Frequency components in Component Viewer during profiling
+ Contast and graylevel adjustment in Component Viewer
+ Brightness, contrast, gamma adjustment in Neat Image image viewer
+ Transparency support in the plug-in's viewer

+ Preset matching: automatic selection of a filter preset that matches either the noise profile used or ISO rate of the input image

+ New parameters in Job Defaults: output file type and compression quality
+ Command line format: new switches to use auto profiling, auto fine-tuning, etc., from the command line

+ LZW- and ZIP-compressed TIFF files saved by Photoshop can now be opened in the standalone Neat Image

* Improved behaviour of Neat Image windows on system with dual displays
* Improved general memory management
* Plug-in: improved resource utilization in Photoshop

* Several cosmetic improvements in GUI
* Modified default working color space name to avoid possible confusion

* Improved profile matching for Pentax cameras
* Updated Profile Converter to automatically convert v2.x, v3.x, v4.x profiles to v5.x format


Neat Image v4.5 32-bit (Win)

* More accurate extraction of some EXIF values for Nikon cameras
* More accurate file naming for output image files
* Better profile matching for non-compressed input images
* Several minor improvements in GUI

- Rare crashes on startup on some Windows 2003 machines, fixed
- Rare freezes on startup on some dual monitor systems, fixed


Neat Image v4.4 32-bit (Win)

+ Plug-in installer: added support for Photoshop Elements 3.0, Paint Shop Pro 9.0
* Faster processing of command line commands
* Several cosmetic improvements in GUI

- Minor bug in profile equalizer, fixed
- Some parts of GUI were rendered incorrectly in Wine, fixed
- Certain non-compliant BMP files were read incorrectly, fixed


Neat Image v4.32 32-bit (Win)

- A memory leak caused problems in large batches, fixed
- Corrupted metadata in images saved by Capture 1 sometimes caused error messages and crashes, workaround implemented


Neat Image v4.3 32-bit (Win)

* Improved speed of noise analysis
* Improved handling of ICC profiles embedded in JPEGs
* Improved accuracy of displayed exposure time values

- Plug-in: rare crashes when processing 16-bit images with speficic filter settings, fixed
- Plug-in: rare crashes and errors during processing after cancelled operations, fixed
- Rare crashes when auto fine-tuning certain pre-made noise profiles, fixed
- Corrupted EXIF records were not readable in Canon EOS-1D Mark II images saved by Capture 1 SE edition, fixed


Neat Image v4.25 32-bit (Win)

* Cosmetic improvement in some file names when displayed in Neat Image windows

- Rare crash when using shadow filtration method on older computers, fixed
- Error message on creating a new job after start in Windows XP with Classic GUI, fixed
- Multiple memory-related error messages when an illegal TIFF file writted by C1 is opened in Neat Image, fixed
- Neat Image did not read the ISO rate from images with buggy EXIF records saved by Nikon Capture 4.1, fixed (Neat Image, not Nikon Capture)
- DiMAGE Image Viewer Utility could not open JPEGs saved by Neat Image, fixed
- Hanging during processing a selected area in plug-in, fixed


Neat Image v4.2 32-bit (Win)

+ ISO rate column in Filtration Queue
+ Filtration Queue: sorting jobs by image name, ISO rate, profile match level, job status, done percentage, actions; click on column header to sort jobs
* Improved marking of profile match level in Filtration Queue

+ EXIF Software tag is shown in EXIF viewer and used by Profile Matcher

+ Support for non-standard encoding of ISO rate in EXIF data records in images produced by some Canon and Nikon cameras

* Corrected profile file naming for Kodak DCS Pro SLR/c and SLR/n cameras and some Kodak scanners

- Rare crashes when using very low freq filtration, fixed


Neat Image v4.1 32-bit (Win)

+ New Job Default options for noise profile and filter preset selection
+ An option to disable help when it is not supported by the OS (useful in Wine)

* Improved handling of very large images in plug-in
* Corrected profile file names for Pentax *ist D camera

- Unnecessary error messages in Photoshop plug-in, fixed
- Minor bug in the drag-n-drop and command line support, fixed
- Minor bug in Preview function, fixed
- Minor bug in EXIF handling procedures, fixed
- Minor bug in file open thumbnail preview, fixed
- Image viewer misbehaved with very large images, fixed


Neat Image v4.0 32-bit (Win)

+ New noise reduction engine with drastically improved filtration quality:

  • high resolution mode to produce sharper results (more details are retained)
  • conservative sharpening mode to sharpen image without producing halos
  • noise-like textures are preserved better and produce no artifacts

+ ..and significantly increased processing speed:

  • in the high quality mode, Neat Image works more then two times faster than v3.x
  • in the normal quality mode, processing is even faster

+ Standard and Advanced interface modes for beginners and experienced Neat Image users

+ Built-in Calibration Target for noise profiling of digital cameras, flatbed and film scanners
+ Auto Profiler to automatically build a noise profile using either the input image or an image of the Calibration Target
+ Batch Profiler to automatically build a set of profiles using images of the Calibration Target
+ Profile Converter to convert v2.x-3.x profiles to v4.x format
+ Profile Auto Match, Auto Build, Auto Fine-Tune in batch processing
+ Advanced support of Photoshop actions by plug-in: Auto Match, Auto Build, Auto Fine-Tune in actions
+ Profile match level indicator to show how good is the match between profile and image

* Improved Profile Matcher with added matching parameters: Resolution, Sharpening
* Improved accuracy of Auto Fine-Tuning
* Improved support for grayscale images
* Improved preview panels in file open dialogs


Neat Image v3.17 32-bit (Win)

* Improved reading quality of JPEG images with subsampled chroma components
* More accurate reading of compression level from some images

- Popup menus were not always updated, fixed
- Corrupted exposure values in some images caused error message, fixed


Neat Image v3.15 32-bit (Win)

* JPEG images with faulty comment record did not open, improved

* Filtration queue: time left was not displayed accurately, improved
- Filtration queue: the "jobs to do" counter was displayed incorrectly, corrected

- Minor bug in the image viewer sometimes misplaced the image on window maximization, fixed
- Plug-in: minor bug that prevented plug-in to start with maximized window, fixed

- Potential memory leak in file management routines, fixed
- Application: rare crash on exit, fixed


Neat Image v3.1 32-bit (Win)

* Improved image viewer
* Improved plug-in stability with all versions of Photoshop

- Corrected minor bug that made profile matching not accurate with images from certain cameras
- Empty JPEG comment issue, fixed


Neat Image v3.0 32-bit (Win)

+ Improved noise reduction engine with increased processing speed. Neat Image now works 2.5 times faster!
+ Multiprocessor and HyperThreading support in the filtration queue. 2-4 times speedup on multiprocessor systems.
+ Profile Matcher to automatically select device noise profile most suitable to process the input image
+ Variant Selector for easier optimization of filter settings
+ Adding all images in selected folder and subfolders in batch window

* Improved graphic user interface (on Windows XP)
* JPEG comments are now preserved by Neat Image standalone
* Plug-in: improved compatibility with Photoshop CS
* Plug-in: improved compatibility with PhotoLine v10.x

- Overflow error message on opening images with corrupted aperture EXIF data, fixed


Neat Image v2.61 32-bit (Win)

* Improved plug-in compatibility with Adobe Photoshop v7.x and Camera Raw
* Improved plug-in compatibility with Paint Shop Pro v8.x
* Improved plug-in compatibility with PhotoLine v9.x


Neat Image v2.6 32-bit (Win)

+ Popup menus to select device noise profiles and filter presets directly in Filtration queue
+ Profiles and presets can be set for more than one job in the queue at a time using main and popup menus
+ Option to preserve (when possible) or discard EXIF data fields in output image files
+ Plug-in can read EXIF data from Photoshop v7.0+
+ Plug-in can be invoked by Photoshop actions and will automatically filter the image using specified device noise profile and filter preset

* Improved before/after comparison of image components in Component viewer
* More zoom levels are available in image viewer
* Application now remembers last used output image type and file format in Batch window
* Batch window does not anymore require profile and preset specified before images can be sent to the queue
* New (job) button now automatically opens input image selection dialog which can also be used to add more than one image to Filtration queue

- Application did not clear thumbnail image when last job was auto-deleted
- Application erroneously tried to close when processing more than one job created using the command line interface
- Disabling tools hints was not always properly enforced, fixed
- Rare problem with encoding physical resolution data in output files, fixed
- Failed to open certain TIFF images (incorrectly) saved by Corel Photopaint 10, fixed
- Failed to open certain TIFF images (incorrectly) saved by Capture One LE, fixed
- Did not display exposure time of some FujiFilm camera images, fixed
- Did not update filtration job status in the queue in some cases, fixed
- Application produced error after launch in Windows 95, fixed


Neat Image v2.5 32-bit (Win)

+ Plug-in version of the filter is available in Pro+ edition

* Click on zoom level figure makes image fit the window
* Shortcut key for the Filter|Process in queue menu item
* Default suffix of filtered image can be empty if overwriting image files is allowed in Options
* Improved memory management (fewer memory-related error messages when large batches are processed)

- Rare problem with decoding exposure time from EXIF data, fixed
- Some images drag-n-dropped to the filtration queue were saved into incorrect destination folder after processing, fixed


Neat Image v2.3 32-bit (Win)

+ Image preview in image file open dialogs
+ Popup menus to select device noise profiles and filter presets (right-click on the boxes with profile and preset names)
+ Options "Profile folder/directory" and "Preset folder/directory" to select the folders where the profiles and presets will be looked for popup menus
+ Invoking Neat Image with full command line parameters sends the filtration job to the queue of the previously open application instance without starting a new instance
+ Ctrl-'+', Ctrl-'-', Ctrl-'0' change the viewer zoom level

* JPEG files are saved without subsampling when quality level is higher than 84
* Output image file type is now preserved between sessions

* Several cosmetic changes

- Did not set autosave/autodelete job attributes when an image was dropped into filtration queue, fixed
- Failed to send images from the command line to an open application instance when filtration queue was processed, fixed
- Failed to open certain TIFF images (incorrectly) saved by Picture Window, fixed
- Failed to open certain TIFF images (incorrectly) saved by CompuPic Pro, fixed


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